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Who are we?

We are a small, hopefully growing, team of people who want to switch life paths to become game developers and suppliers for technologies in relation to game development. We focus on learning the various processes involved in game development and having fun is always our top priority. We want to make it easy for the team to enjoy creating games instead of concentrating only on creating "the killer game". We do not seek particular talents or experience levels as we believe it is more important to concentrate on motivation rather than competence.

What do we offer?

Although our team is small we do have a good set of skills gathered with our current members, to give any beginner a very good start into the field. Our priority here will always be to extend the possibilities of the team members to learn and accomplish tasks on their own. Unfortunately, we currently cannot provide paid positions, but the ultimate goal here is to generate steady jobs, for all involved, with a transparent concept. We would love to have you come to us and ask us if we are worthy for your time.

What is our infrastructure?

Given our software development background, we put a lot of effort into our infrastructure. We utilize our own GitLab server and Nextcloud which are covered under a central authentication service provided by Keycloak.

What technologies do we have established?

Our main focus is on Unreal Engine. Everything that is not made for the web, will be made with Unreal Engine and the technologies targeted towards it. We want to extend the interface for our own needs in able to integrate our technologies for our members for easier access. Knowing this technology inside out is a top priority.

We also use Blender as our main 3D workflow, given that alternative workflows here are a more expensive. We are, however, willing to rethink this process, in the future, as we become able to afford alternatives.

What about assets?

We have gathered, over time, an impressive collection of Unreal Engine Marketplace Assets (worth thousands of Euros). We think that it is important to invest here instead of creating everything on our own, especially since we are still in the start up process and still have to establish all workflows.

What are we working on currently?

Finding the right first project is a hard process, and while we have switched many times we are now back to one of the first plans we had, making a Dungeon Crawler, to establish technologies like Dungeon Architect. More information can be given on the Discord.

How can I join?

Join us our Discord via this invitation link and we can answer your questions, while also learning a bit more about you!